Android app spy on phone without target

How to spy on Android without the need of installing a software?

Whatever the reason is, you can do all of the spying tasks from this application. This is the spyware with the goal of gathering important information about the target person. This is done discreetly or without letting the target person knowing. Learn more: How to track on Android phones. PhoneTracking is a powerful utility app aka tacking app for the android phones that allows you to spy on any android device run on the Android platform without accessing it.

The application works by remotely accessing data from the target phone and display the data on the control panel of the application. It declares that it will collect calls, GPS location , social media account information virtually from the remote device. You can download this application or use it through a web browser.

To download this application firstly you have enable the unknown sources from settings. Choose the Android compatibility app. You can create an account here by registering yourself by a valid email address. A verification link will send to your email where you can do further process. After account creation you can see a control panel where you have to fill the details of target device such as mobile number, email, name, device details, etc.

One link will send to the target device whenever it got clicked a connection will establish between the spy app control panel to target device.

The Best Hidden Spy App for Android 12222

Information gets started uploading on control panel via online servers. PhoneTracking spyware is every bit invasive as you might think. It collects SMS, call details, current location, messenger tracking , and multimedia access and just about everything else that transpired on the target device. Advantageously, it has the stealth camera feature were you able to secretly take a picture using the target phone camera and send it to the server. There are many android phone spying applications available on the internet; you may find some free application those doubtlessly helpful but later troubles too.

Many of them claim to offer the service for free but after some time, they take charge. In the past few years, many users adopted this spying application for catching suspect which they have doubt. Parents use it to monitor the activities of their children they are doing on the phone.


You can freely make use of this application to catch a cheating spouse red-handed. How to spy on someone's WhatsApp without touching their cell phone. In addition, it shows you call logs, spies on social media apps Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp , photos and videos, GPS location, and has some impressive extras. The software is specifically designed for parents and employers to track everything happening on the target device.

The dashboard will let you monitor multiple devices and allow you to switch from one to the other quickly. You'll want to verify that the device you're looking to monitor is compatible with the app. This can be done quickly using the compatibility wizard on their website. Once verified, installation and setup of this tracker app were both quick and easy.

Phone Spy - Spy on Cell Phone Without Installing Software on Target Phone

XNSPY has many of the same functions offered by other spy apps we've covered, but it does have a few unique features that make it worth your consideration. This feature captures all keystrokes, even those that have been deleted. You can view, or download, them under the General Logs. There are two different packages available now. The Basic package includes the following features:. The Live Control Panel is a nice add-on, but where it really excels is when you need to monitor multiple devices.

It allows you to quickly switch between each device from your control panel, saving lots of time. By default, there is an icon on the monitored device's screen as well as notifications that the device is being monitored, but this can be disabled if you like. You'll certainly get better information if the target you are spying on isn't constantly reminded that you're watching them.

XNSPY's free customer support is also top-notch. You can find answers to just about any question on their website. And if that's not good enough, you can contact their excellent team. You can find more information and a demo of the software on their website. It also includes an online dashboard for reviewing data on the target device. It is 5 on our list because you will be required to root the target device to get the full services of iKeyMonitor. So if you're uncomfortable with that process, you might be better off looking at our top review.

Their 3-Day free trial allows you to test its capabilities and be comfortable with how it performs before you buy anything. One of the spyware features offered by iKeyMonitor is keystroke logging. It can record ANY keystroke entered into the phone. This provides LOTS of data from just about every app on the target device. Even passwords that are hidden from view on the device will be visible in the logs sent to your dashboard or email. Want to remotely spy on exactly what your spouse, child, or employee is doing on their phone at a particular time?

mSpy Free version: Myth or Reality

The screen capture function allows you to do exactly that. You'll see exactly what the user sees: apps used, websites visited, texts, chats or video chats, etc. This essentially allows you to see everything that happens on the phone. Want to make sure your kids aren't spending too much time on their phone each day? This feature makes it easy to set a maximum amount of time they can use their device. The only problem with the Standard package is you don't get to use the online dashboard.

This is pretty limiting. For this reason, we only recommend the Online Package. Overall, the iKeyMonitor package is pretty solid. Installation of the app, in particular, was a bit more technically involved than other apps we tested, but it seemed very stable once it was installed and setup.

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All the spying functionality works as advertised, and the app is hidden from the user, making it completely undetectable. However, it does require you to root Android or jailbreak iOS the device for maximum access. If you're not comfortable with this process, you'll be better off going with one of the other companies that offer to do this for you for a small fee, or don't require it, such as Highster Mobile. For this reason, it came in number 5 in our comparison.

Features of the Free Spy Apps for Android without Target Phone

One thing worth mentioning, though, is that the feature to log what they type truly does record everything that happens on the phone. So, if you're willing to search through the logs, you won't miss anything that's typed on the device. The top apps to spy on Android phones aren't necessarily best for iPhone.

Many packages are compatible with either one, but there are differences in the operating systems that limit capabilities and functionality.

Android Spy without access to target phone

There are a lot of good solutions to spy on Android phones. The amount of real information that can be provided depends on whether or not you root the Android device, as this provides access to absolutely everything on the phone. Android spy apps don't have an iCloud backup spying equivalent, as Android doesn't use a similar backup method.

Apple phones run on the iOS software platform. Smartphone spyware generally falls into two categories; those that require jailbreaking the device and those that don't. But there is one notable exception. The iPhone spy software we reviewed allows you to get MOST of the information without even installing any software. These apps require that you know the iCloud login credentials of the target device.

From there, it is free to remotely access all the backups, which are regularly stored by the phone. These offer the greatest flexibility and are also great for those that aren't comfortable dealing with complex technology.

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Regardless of what you're trying to track, most features offered among cell phone spy software are essentially the same whether or not your target is using Android.

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