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Reviewed: 20 Nov Kirill P. Reviewed: 21 Sep Verified Reviewer , Human Resources. Pros: The software is insanely easy to use. Reviewed: 13 Sep Denis L.

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Reviewed: 04 Sep Max T. Reviewed: 20 Dec Maxim M. Pros: The program was like placebo for the team. Online computer monitoring real-time staff monitoring software. Employee time tracking Unauthorized absence and lateness monitoring. Employee productivity analysis Websites and applications user tracking. Employee computer screen recording Desktop activity recording and logging.

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Employee violations monitoring Detecting and monitoring of employee violations. Employee productivity metrics Monitoring of employee productivity fluctuations. Keylogger Keystroke tracker. Remote employee monitoring Oursourced personnel work time recording software. Classroom computer monitoring School computer monitoring software. Unlimited technical support Our exclusive offer! Cross-platform solution. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Employee Monitoring software - HubStaff Demo Video - Time Tracking

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Remote employee monitoring with AeroAdmin

Triggers can be set to automatically block access to forbidden websites, files, and applications so your employees can focus on their tasks without these distractions. The software has a mobile application compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can get ActivTrak for free but if you would like to request pricing for custom plans, you need to contact the vendor. Aside from monitoring employees, this tracking application also ensures that all projects are progressing down the right track and do not go over the set budget in real time.

You are also assured that the employees are not working the entire time and also take necessary breaks. This application also ensures that there will be no shortage of manpower with the help of DeskTime Leave Calendar. This calendar is viewable to everyone so both managers and their staff can coordinate time-offs to make sure that there are enough employees to get the tasks done and finish the project on time. Third-party integration is also not an issue with applications like Asana, Zapier, Basecamp, Google Calendar, and more. DeskTime is completely free if you would like to use the Lite version.

Screenshot Monitor is a user-friendly tracking application that employers and managers can access from a web-based platform. The employees, however, are required to install the application using the invitation sent to them. Screenshot Monitor has its own API web services that can be used to integrate this application with existing project management, accounting, payroll, and other systems. It helps you to see when they are most productive, when they are idle, and which task, applications and websites they spend their time on.

Teramind can be accessed through its website or launched using its self-hosted version. This feature is also useful to freelancers who would want to have access to a detailed report of their billable rates, as well as identify areas where their productivity needs further improvement. Using real-time monitoring and generating relevant reports, you avoid going over the budget. The time tracker solution has a free version limited to 5 users. Their status will also change whenever they step out of the geofence and whenever they enter the workspace.

Aside from in-app access, you can share the board view through public links.

This application also generates timeline reports of each employee, which help in payroll management as well as in keeping accurate records of the hours employees rendered at work. This software solution does the monitoring of employees desktop activity in transparent or stealth mode. You can also customize various settings including view access, productivity scores, and more.

Berqun integrates seamlessly with Slack and Windows but you can also customize your integration using add-ons available for the cloud version.

What are your employees doing at work?

You can launch Berqun by logging in on its website or by launching the program installed in your computer. For the self-hosted version, you may send a request using the contact information on the website. By using this application, you will also receive real-time notifications for important updates, such as who are the employees coming in late, who are working overtime, who will be on leave the next day, who should be on shift, and more.

This cloud-hosted Human Resource Management System HRMS simplifies attendance and location tracking of employees which help business owners and managers monitor employee availability, productivity, and attendance trends. If you have employees on fieldwork, you will have access to their live location, location logs, the distance they have traveled, and where they have checked in and checked out.

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For tracking employees outside the workplace, you can also set the application to notify you if an employee has been spending a longer amount of time in a specific area. These records help reduce attrition as attendance pattern can help identify at-risk employees and help them get back on the right track. CleverControl is an employee monitoring application that not only keeps track of desktop activity but also its interactions with other devices including external storage devices, printers, etc..

The software also helps track anyone responsible of illegally sharing and leaking of information from within the company. CleverControl also helps identify and prevent threats that can harm the company. And circumstances when illegal activities such as identity theft and information leak are committed, CleverControl helps by performing an audit trail that can lead back to the person responsible for the unauthorized access.

This employee monitoring software is used primarily for tracking computer activity to optimize internal information security, investigate threats, and boost employee productivity. Veriato is helpful to business owners and managers who require full access to the computer activity of employees. The software helps them manage how and when data should be collected. Access to the computers of employees who handle sensitive information can also be configured differently to make sure that no breach will be committed and threats will be handled with urgency.

Best Picks

Veriato comes with open APIs that allow access to raw recorded data; and if you are using Splunk and ArcSight, these applications also integrate seamlessly with Veriato This monitoring software is equipped with the necessary features and functions that identify employees who spend too much time on websites and applications irrelevant to their tasks beyond their allowed time to do so.

It gives employers the means to accurately manage and monitor employee work hours and evaluate workload, productivity, and efficiency. It also encourages employees to focus on their jobs and on what needs to be done.

Best Employee Monitoring Software | Reviews of the Most Popular Tools & Systems

Evaluate Now Buy. We saved for about 60 salaries per year. Our main concern is Internet usage. WorkTime is a really good addition to it as it monitors employee computer idle time. We Hear You! WorkTime constantly evolves based on your feedback. WorkTime Clients They are happy for years with WorkTime quality, reliability, effectiveness, fully satisfied with the successful results.

Employee Monitoring Software

October 21, WorkTime Employee Monitoring Software Release Version: October 1, In , many employers are willing September 10, New fixes added September 3, Basics of Implementing Employee Monitoring Software The rapid advancement of technology has tremendously affected the present workforce and changed the manner in which employers interact with, manage, and monitor their August 30, This is significantly higher In our distracted world, we tend to underestimate the power of time planning and management.

Consequently, poor time management can negatively affect July 17, Major updates added July 10, The to Market Research June 20, Need Assistance? All rights reserved. WorkTime is a registered trademark of NesterSoft Inc.

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