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This is why Cocospy is used by millions of people all over the world. You don't have to root or jailbreak the target phone in order to use Cocospy. This is unlike most phone spy apps. Other apps make it mandatory to root or jailbreak the phone for their features to work. You don't have to install any software on your phone or PC in order to use Cocospy.

All its features can be used through a dashboard which opens on ANY web browser. This makes the whole process even easier and avoids the risks of malware or viruses altogether. It just takes a few minutes to set up Cocospy.

It requires no technical knowledge on your part. Using it is even easier. The Cocospy dashboard is designed keeping in mind the user convenience. Cocospy is not like any mediocre app that will forget you once you have started using it. It has a 24x7 customer care with excellent support. No matter what issue you face at any time of the day, you will always find assistance here.

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Cocospy comes with over 35 features for you to use and explore. There is nothing unimaginable with Cocospy. You can even listen to someone's calls recordings with Cocospy. Can you imagine this with any other app?

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Of course, it might be hard to take my word for it. How about you head over to Cocospy's website and find everything out for yourself? You can even check a free demo that works right through the web browser without any downloads! When using Cocospy to spy on any iPhone, you don't even need to touch the target iPhone even once.

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That might sound unbelievable, but it's true. You will be taken to your dashboard. You can access any feature you want from the left hand side of the dashboard. To spy on any Android phone, you will have to install an app on the target phone no matter which method you use. If any software claims to spy on an Android phone without app installation, it is making false claims.

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However, Cocospy's Android spy is designed to be completely hidden and quiet. Once you install the Cocospy app on the target phone, the app icon will vanish from the app menu. Further, the app size is less than 2 MB and it installs within seconds. And when you have to uninstall it, you can do it with a single click from the Cocospy dashboard. Just play with them until streaming video is upright.

In my case I had to tic flip-x and flip-y to correct the streamed image.

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You do not have to make any other changes in the Camera Menu, lets move on to the Motion Detection tab. The motion menu is where you set up how ISpy will detect motion. You can click on the Usage Tips link on the menu and get a detailed explanation of the different detection schemes. The simplest is "Two Frames". It just compares two frames to determine if movement has occurred. I left the sensitivity alone and checked Suppress Noise. I changed the Process Every to 3 frames.

That simply means ISpy will compare every three frames to detect movement. The LG Optimus is limited to about 6 to 9 frames per second and by the time it reaches ISpy it is about 4 to 6 frames. So it will compare on the average 3 frames per 2 seconds. Enough for me. You will have to adjust this if you have a lot of cameras. With my setup I am not seeing any significant drag until all cameras are triggered in which case my laptop is recording four video streams and processing the alerts all simultaneously.

My desktop will fly though all the processes without any problems as it is a triple core compared to my laptops early dual core processor. Now if you look at the frozen frame to the right in the detection zones you will see a television. This will trigger the Two Frames mode and if you have pets they will also trigger the motion detector. ISpy takes care of this by allowing you to set up detection zones. By simply clicking and dragging boxes you can set up areas where ISpy will watch and ignore everything else.

In my case, I have a 13 lb Yorkie that loves to run around. You can enter my home through three entries in the view shown. So I created "Zones" to watch the entry ways and ignore the television and dog; high enough off the ground to ignore her. If you don't want to trigger an alert from a particular camera, just set Use Detector to None. Next tab is the Alerts. Set the mode to Movement if it is not set. Any movement on the living room cam will trigger the alert. The alert menu can be configured to send an email or SMS, but you need to have a subscription to ISpy's service.

As stated earlier, you can run a batch file in the Execute file box. Later we will add blat to send email as well as SMS to your personal smart phone. You can check one of the boxes to set up how ISpy will alert you on the desktop when an alert is triggered. I selected Show ISpy Window. A little balloon window will show up to notify you of an alert. Of course you won't be home to see this. Nothing else needs to be done in this menu at the moment, so lets move on to the Recording tab. You really don't have much to do here also, but in my case I set the Calibration Delay to zero.

Since we are using smart phones, no calibration is needed. I guess you can use any video profile, but I prefer AVI's and know I can play them on my Smart Phone when an alert comes in and I want to see what triggered it. It is not necessary to set the recording mode as you we will be writing a batch file to arm and disarm the system and that will be included in the batch file.

The other tabs can be ignored, unless you want to save video frames of the video off site or locally. I think a video is just fine and storing frames from the video is redundant. All that is left is to click Finish at the bottom of the dialog box.

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You will need to set each phone up in ISpy individually. So each phone's IP, port, username and password will need to be entered.

If you set it up right, streaming video for each phone will be seen on ISpy. If not, check that you started each IP Camera Server.

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Many of the items I am ignoring are explained on ISpy's online manual here. Let's test the system to see how it does. First we need to set the main video directory where the video files will be stored. On the main menu select options then settings. Only item we are interested in is the Storage tab.

Simply open the tab and set the drive and directory you want to save the videos to. Now we are ready to test the system. On your individual phones, start the video server. On ISpy click the following boxes. The system should start processing video and save them to the directory you've selected and will place them in appropriate folders that you set up for each camera.

If everything goes well, you will find videos in the lower pane of ISpy.

ispy software for any phone Ispy software for any phone
ispy software for any phone Ispy software for any phone
ispy software for any phone Ispy software for any phone
ispy software for any phone Ispy software for any phone
ispy software for any phone Ispy software for any phone
ispy software for any phone Ispy software for any phone

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